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  • Wind'll change everything

    The era of carbon-free energy
    begins with WETER

    The building, which can produce electricity
    in the amount of 200% of its own needs

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It is important to use wind energy

More than 80% of electricity generation comes from non-renewable energy sources, such as coal and gas. According to the UN until 2025, humanity will need twice as much electricity

of Wind Energy:

  • environmentally friendly
  • renewable
  • possibility of widespread use

of hydrocarbon
power industry:

  • environmental pollution
  • resource depletion
  • complexity of fuel production, delivery, storage and use

Technology and innovations

  • The air flow concentration increases its power

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Working principle

The structures concentrate the flow and are the supporting part of the wind plant.

Aerodynamic shields regulate the air flow direction.

The power-generating modules are placed on the static axis.

The blades take wind energy and provide rotation of the power-generating modules.

The lower platform is the foundation of a complex structure and ensures its stability.

Complete presentation of the project in 9 minutes

Application possibilities

Wind power plants can be combined into a single complex and serve different purposes

  • Living

  • Retail and entertaining

  • Data centres

  • Production

  • Administrative

  • Garages and parking lots

  • Office premises

  • Hydroponics farms

Visualization of the application on the ground

Wind is everywhere

Accommodation is possible anywhere in the world


Online broadcasts

Layout Novosibirsk

Russia, Novosibirsk city, 630099, Deputatskaya 1 st.

  • Model workshop Novosibirsk

    Russia, Novosibirsk city, 630099, Deputatskaya 1 st.

  • In process of connection

    Russia, Moscow city, 121205, Bolshoi boulevard, 42 st. 1 "Skolkovo Innovation Center"

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Comparison with propeller wind turbines

Nowadays, the wind turbines with horizontal axis of rotation are mainly used to convert wind current to electric power. They are employed in large wind farm systems. Despite such widespread application, the classic propeller wind turbines have substantial defects that are to be eliminated in new version of «Wind- driven power station».

  • 08

    Propeller wind turbine

    The need for constant orientation in the direction of the wind


    Workability does not depend on wind direction

  • 01

    Propeller wind turbine

    Power generation is possible at wind speeds of 4 m/s


    Power generation is possible at wind speeds of 4 m/s

  • 02

    Propeller wind turbine

    There is no possibility of air flow concentration


    The possibility of air flow concentration

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Comparison with implemented analogues of the technology

An innovation for the project „Wind-driven power station“ is likely both to satisfy in-house power needs and be the power source for other consumers, who don’t form part of the facility that generates electricity

  • 0Wind speed12

    Bahrain World Trade Center

    Sustainment 3%

  • 0Wind speed12

    Pearl River Tower

    Sustainment 10%

  • 0Wind speed12


    Sustainment 200%

The exclusive right to use technology

Author of the technology
Denis Tiaglin

A patent was issued for the invention of the Wind Power Station, which provides state protection for the result of intellectual activity.

Work is underway to register the rights to an invention in other countries.


- Patent pending

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Project Roadmap

  • First period


    Engineering survey and modelling

  • Second period


    Development of the optimal model and basic design documentation

  • Third period


    Development of solutions for the optimal model and creation of basic design documentation

  • Period Four


    Production of project documentation according to the customer’s request and its implementation in products by manufacturers


Project news


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